ThreeWP Broadcast Premium Pack


The ThreeWP Broadcast Premium Pack is an actively maintained collection of plugins that expand the functionality of ThreeWP Broadcast. The current features of the Premium Pack are:

Buy ThreeWP Broadcast Premium Pack for $100

This gets you:

  • a zip file containing
  • the plugin which you can use on all of your sites
  • e-mail support for one year
  • updates for one year after purchase

Note that the Premium Pack requires that the latest free Broadcast plugin is installed and activated.

E-mail me if the Premium Pack isn’t working as it should and I’ll help you out. This assumes that no other plugins are running and you are using the default WordPress theme. If the problem is plausibly caused by other plugins or a custom theme, a remote login to your site and FTP will be required to determine the cause and get things working. Contact me to discuss the terms of the custom work.

Included plugins with screenshots

Activity Monitor

Adds a Broadcast hook to the Plainview Activity Monitor, at the same time disabling post related hooks during broadcasting to prevent unnecessary logging.

Advanced Custom Fields

If you’re using image fields from Elliot Condon’s Advanced Custom Fields plugin, you will find that images do not get broadcasted correctly. The Broadcast ACF plugin will detect that ACF is being used and automatically fix the image fields in the child posts when posts are broadcasted.

The custom fields supported are: files, galleries, images, relationships, post objects.

The above fields are also supported in: flexible fields, repeater fields.

All Blogs

Allows access to all blogs whether the user has been added to the blog or not. This saves the super admin having to add each user to each individual blog.

Attachment Shortcodes

Allows the superadmin to specify shortcodes containing attachment/image ID(s). This plugin can be used if you have a plugin that uses attachment IDs in its shortcodes.

Normally the post content is copied directly from parent blog to all of the children. Attachment Shortcodes will automatically modify the post with the new attachment IDs as they are copied to each child blog.


Allow comments to be broadcasted to the children.

Custom Field Attachments

Specify which custom fields contain the ID of attachments, so that Broadcast can correctly broadcast and update the ID in the custom field of the child blog.

Event Organiser

Adds support for Stephen Harris’ Event Organiser plugin, with events and venues.

Keep Child Attachments

Keeps the child post’s attachments instead of deleting them when updating a broadcast. This plugin might be useful to prevent several posts, that share the same [featured] images, from deleting and duplicating images amongst themselves.

Keep Child Status

Changes the status of the child posts to draft / pending / private / public, no matter the status of the parent post.

Local Links

If a blog post A links to other posts, B & C, on the same blog, and you want the child post of A to link to child posts B & C, this plugin will automatically update the links in the broadcasted posts. The following screenshots help explain:

Per Blog Taxonomies

Allow each post to set taxonomies for individual children. For example, allows the parent post to have categories A, B and C, child post 1 to have catogories C and D, and child post 2 to have no categories at all. The taxonomy(ies) can also be set automatically, which synchronizes the child blog’s taxonomies with the parent blog.

The categories must already exist on the child blogs for them to be selectable.


Gives more precis control of permalinks for both parents and children. The control of permalinks the following priority: per post, per blog and sitewide.


Purge Children

Purges child posts from child blogs, including any attached files. Normally, trashing or deleting child posts will leave any attached files in the child blog’s media library. Use the purge function at your own risk, because other child posts could be using the purged attachments.



Enable this plugin to have your broadcasts automatically queued and then handled in the background via AJAX. If you want to broadcast to tens or hundreds of blogs at a time you will need this plugin or else WordPress and PHP time and memory limits will prevent the complete broadcast.

Send To Many

Broadcast many posts to several blogs at once, instead of individually editing and broadcasting each post.

Send To Many should be used with Queue to avoid PHP limits.

Sync Taxonomies

Choose any taxonomies on a source blog and have them copied over to target blog(s). Taxonomies are created, updated but not deleted.

If the Event Organiser plugin is enabled event venues can also be synchronized.


User & Blog Settings

A powerful plugin that modifies Broadcast depending on which blog the user is on or which role the user has. The included documentation shows how to:

  • Hide the Broadcast menu
  • Hide the Broadcast meta box in the editor
  • Hide the Broadcast columns in the post view
  • Force, prevent or hide the linking option completely
  • Same goes for the taxonomy and custom field options
  • Force broadcasting to specific blogs…
  • … from specific blogs, or just for specific users or roles

The above modifications can be selectively applied to any combination of blogs, roles or users. Configuration is limited mostly by your imagination. Here are some examples of how User and Blog Settings can be configured:

  • Force broadcasting of all posts to blogs A and B
  • Allow broadcasting only for editors on Blog C
  • Allow broadcasting only for administrators on Blogs D and E
  • Hide the Broadcast meta box from users eric and graham, but only when on blog D
  • Force all authors on blogs A and D to broadcast to blogs B and F
  • Prevent users michael and john from broadcasting
  • Force users terry.g and terry.j to always broadcast to blogs A and B when they are posting from blog C
  • Disallow broadcasting of custom fields for all users on blog D
  • Force broadcasting of taxonomies for all editors on blog C
  • Hide all traces of broadcast from all editors on blogs C and D, while at the same time forcing a broadcast to blogs A and F

The plugin has online documentation and the same info included as a tab in the plugin’s menu.


If you have Views plugin from WP Types installed, the content template for the post will be automatically transferred to the equivalent content template on the child blog.

For the content template to be correctly transferred, a content template with the exact same name has to exist on the child blog.


To enable support for WooCommerce products with variations, enable this plugin. Else only normal, simple products are able to be broadcasted.

Buy ThreeWP Broadcast Premium Pack for $100


Here is the changelog for the ThreeWP Broadcast Premium Pack.

33 comments on “ThreeWP Broadcast Premium Pack

  1. I have twenty blogs to send single post to daily/weekly. Some will include photos. Does your product accomplish this?

    1. Yes.

      The Queue plugin will allow Broadcast to work in the background, preventing timeout errors, especially if photos are being broadcasted.

  2. We are being forced to use the legacy version: v1.18 of Broadcast since Godaddy is only using php v5.3. But i’m having problems with large posts with lots of photos that I think the Queue plugin will fix. Will the premium pack work with Broadcast v1.18?

    1. No, unfortunately. The PPack should use at least the same version of Broadcast.

      I’d suggest migrating to a host with a more modern version of PHP, seeing that 5.5 is the newest version.

  3. Is there a possiblity to broadcast tthe woocommerce product to child site on multisite config? If yes my company will bought this plugin

    1. Yes, it should work. Add the product custom post type to the settings. E-mail me if you need more help.

  4. I am broadcasting to 40 blogs and each blog has a different template and uses different page templates as well. I am using the free version of the plugin, but when I broadcast a page it broadcasts page template as well. Does the paid plugin sorts it out. eg. can I broadcast from blog A a page using default template to blog B but if I change the page template name on blog B and decide to make changes on blog A and broadcast again will it change my page template on blog B to the default template again?

    1. Am not with you here. The page template? Do you mean the page format (standard, aside, audio, etc)? If not, what are you using to handle the page templates?

  5. I just installed the default plugin on a multisite, I see I will need the premium version, since I need some more options. Before I buy there is one thing I like to know. When I create a post/page on the main site in the network, I see the options to broadcast taxonomies/custom fields etc. But I don’t see the option to post it to the 2nd site in the network. When I switch to the 2nd site in the network, I do see the option to post it to the main site in the network. Could you let me know if this is normal?

    Kind regards,

    1. Are you a user on the 2nd site? The user should have write access (author and upwards) to all blogs in question.

    2. I’m just logged in as admin and switch between dashboards. On the subsite the option ‘broadacast to’, shows up fine but the main doesn’t.

    3. Oke,

      I’m still runing on localhost with MAMP, so I will first see if it makes a difference when I run it on a VPS.

    4. Hi Neik, I have the same issue, would you be able to tell me how did you resolve this issue?

  6. How does a blog broadcast plugin like yours prevent getting hit with duplicate content penalties from Google? Is there a noindex option you can activate during the sending process?

    1. There is a setting to set the canonical URL of a broadcasted child (which will then point to the parent post). That should solve your problem.

  7. Do you support the domain mapping plugin? As in, when I copy content from one site to another one and you fix the links in the post content, are you going to take into account the fact that the target site has it’s own domain? The slug of the plugin in question is “wordpress-mu-domain-mapping”(I don’t want my comment to appear as spam).

    If you don’t, do you offer some sort of a filter or action hook that will allow me to easily swoop-in and fix the permalinks? What would work be for instance if you have an action before you start copying a post/page – this way I’ll know that when get_permalink() is called after that, it’s most-likely from your plugin and therefore I’ll be able to fix it.

    I’m not sure – it might even work out of the box, so I was just curios if you’ve tested your plugin with domain mapping.


    1. Should not be a problem at all!

      Broadcast uses WordPress’ own functions to create child posts (and their URLs).

  8. If I broadcast a post to my various WP multisite installs (77+) and set is as draft or pending – can the admin of each individual site go and edit the content on the post before publishing. Ex: they all need the same page but will add some unique content related only to them. Thanks

    1. Yepp. “Keep Child Status” and “Queue” will help you out there.

  9. The only feature I need is the ability to automatically broadcast to certain sites. Is there any way to buy JUST the ‘user & blog settings’ plugin? I can’t afford $100 for a pack of plugins that I probably will not utilize. I won’t say ‘will not ever’, but as of right now and the foreseeable future, based on the descriptions above, there is about a 2% chance. :)

    If you only sell your plugins as a bundle, I understand–I guess I will continue to broadcast on a post by post basis.

  10. I’ve just setup the the older version 1.18 on a multisite and I am using WPMU’s New Blog Templates plugin which clones child sites from a master template. We use this for publishing courses for an online learning program so it’s not like a blog that get’s frequent updates, but rather a set of 30-40 pages that make up the entire course.

    The trouble is, when I start to use the Broadcast function, it always creates new pages on the child site I’m broadcasting to, where in our case we already have all 40 pages setup on the destination child site. I don’t want to have to create new pages, delete the old ones and re-map all our menus. I’ve tried using the “Find Orphans” but that really doesn’t seem to work in our case.

    Our page titles and URL slug are identical between the parent and child site so I’m not sure why it’s not working. It would be great if you could somehow create a relationship with existing pages on the destination child site using a drop down box showing all pages from the child site. Then I could just manually map each page to its respective counterpart.

    Also, where can I find further documentation on your plugin?


    1. You’re using a version of broadcast that is really, really, really old and outdated. I strongly suggest getting your webhost to upgrade to at least php 5.4 so that you can take advantage of all the wonderful features that the latest (>2) versions of broadcast have.

      Although the plugin is mostly self-explanatory, “documentation” can be found on the WordPress plugin page and the support forum. If you need anything more detailed, then write me an email.

    2. Thanks for the quick reply, and I’m sure there are a great many new rich and wonderful features in your latest code updates, however after reading through every single one of these features on the page above doesn’t point me any closer to answering my original question…

      With the latest build of your plugin (2.24), is it possible to manually link the relationship between pages from a child to a parent site? Because if so I’ll happily throw down $100 for your premium plugin and upgrade to php 5.4, but I don’t want to go through all the hassle only to find out it’s not even a feature you offer.

    3. From a child to a parent? No, it has to be from parent -> child. How would one do it the other way? A select box showing all of the blogs and then all of the posts in each blog?

    4. From a parent to the child would make the most sense. Perhaps as a setting from the meta box on a post/page where you currently have all the options, you could provide some kind of a drop down of any pages from the child site matching one of two criteria, a) the pages have the same slug or b) they have the exact same page title, or both. This way you won’t have a drop down list that’s too large.

      Another option could be to simply make this an added feature from the orphan page so it less a part of the main core function and instead a tool to be used to link up existing pages.

      Because right now, I currently have 3 child sites with 75+ pages each which are identical to their parent (the fourth template site), but the only way I can create relational pages is to create duplicates of each page on each child site which then renders the slug (/page-slug-2), and then I must delete all 225 pages, change the slugs of the new broadcasted pages. Yikes, it’s just not worth it at that point.

      So if you don’t have this functionality already build into the plugin or one of the paid extensions, is it possible to program this capability? If so, what could I do to encourage this to be done sooner than later?

      Thanks for your assistance,

    5. Does the “find orphans” function not work as advertized (assuming presumtive child posts have the exact same slug as the parent)?

      Custom coding is always a possibility. E-mail me so we can discuss the details.

  11. 1. If I update a post in the parent, how does it effect the post pushed to the children? Does it create a duplicate? Does it automatically update that post?

    2. If a post in the parent is built on a specific page, when pushed to the child site, does it automatically get formatted to that page, assuming that the same theme and templates are loaded to both?

    1. 1. If the post was linked to the child, the child will be updated. Else a duplicate will be created.

      2. Should work as you say, yes.

  12. We are using Marketpress from wpmu-dev. It uses custom post type for products. Will this broadcast products to other sites.

    1. I’m not sure. Download the free version of Broadcast and try it out.

      Marketspress, like Woocommerce, should work just fine with the free plugin. There is a BC Woocommerce plugin but that’s only to handle product variations. If you don’t use the product variation feature of Woocommerce then there is no need for the premium pack.

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